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Learn more about one of the most popular and promising cannabis products in Canada
Cannabigerol or CBG is a type of cannabinoid extracted from a marijuana plant. Other common cannabinoids extracted from cannabis flowers are cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).
Cannabis plants contain more cannabidiol(CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) rather than Cannabigerol (CBG).
Most cannabis plants contain only 1 % of CBD in contrast to 20-25% CBD and 25-30% THC.
This is the reason why CBG oil, CBG tinctures and other cannabigerol products are rare and more pricy. Cannabis consumers show growing interest in CBG due to its benefits.

Cannabigerol is extracted from young marijuana plants since they tend to have a higher amount of CBG rather than full-grown plants. Certain cannabis plants have higher CBG percentages such as White CBG, Super Glue CBG, Jack Froster etc. These strains are grown to procure CBG oil.

Both THC and CBD proceed as CBDA which is an acid form of CBG.
Cannabigerol or CBG is a type of cannabinoid extracted from a marijuana plant. Other common cannabinoids extracted from cannabis flowers are cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). .
Cannabigerol (CBG) Effects

Cannabigerol (CBG) has been used to minimize pain without getting high unlike THC which has intoxicating effects. CBG is used to fight pain, nausea and inflammation.

According to cannabigerol research CBG can help with the following:

Inflammation Bowel Disease (IBD) is characterized by chronic inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract.
According to cannabigerol research conducted in 2013 on animals showed the beneficial effects of CBG on inflammation bowel disease. Researchers induced inflammations similar to IBD in the colons of mice and then administered CBG. CBG was found to reduce inflammation and the production of nitric oxide. It also reduced the formation of reactive oxygen species (ROS) in the intestines. They concluded that CBG should be considered for clinical experimentation in IBD patients.

The other study on animals showed that CBG may have potential results in curing glaucoma.
The cannabigerol research was conducted on cats who have glaucoma. They were given CBG tinctureIt resulted in a reduction in eye pressure and a boost in aqueous humour outflow. a fluid produced by the eye which maintains eye pressure and provides the eye with nutrition. 

Antibacterial Effects 

There were found antibacterial effects of CBG during cannabis in a study conducted in 2020. The highest results were shown against a bacteria which causes staph infection - methicillin-resistant strains of Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA). 

Cancer Cells 

Cannabigerol research showed potential properties in fighting cancel sales with CBG oil. 
CBG demonstrated abilities in blocking the receptors which cause cancer cell’s growth and preventing the growth of colorectal cancer cells. 

In conclusion, Cannabigerol (CBG) has a variety of beneficial medical effects on the human body including curing certain diseases. The most promising one is fighting cancer cells with CBG. Due to the limited supply and complex process of extraction of cannabigerol from cannabis plants, CBG products are still limited in the cannabis market and higher in price than other cannabis goods; however, the studies on the consumption of CBG proved its enormous positive effects which results in growing demand on CBG oil and tinctures.
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