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Marijuana is gaining a reputation as a fantastic libido booster and could enhance the sexual experience. Proponents say it increases touch sensitivity, calms your nerves, and relieves anxiety. Keep on reading to discover five cannabis strains that bring out the tiger in you — at least in the bedroom!
Marijuana & Sex: The Studies

Does cannabis increase sexual desire? According to a study by Sun and Eisenberg, published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine in November 2017, the answer is yes! The two researchers analyzed a CDC survey of over 50,000 people. The researchers checked the survey to look at the herb’s effect on males with one of several forms of sexual dysfunction. Overall, daily male and female marijuana users reported having sex 20% more often than those who never used pot!

The recent work of Becky Lynn sheds light on how cannabinoids impact female sexual function. In June 2019, Lynn was lead author on a study published in Sexual Medicine. The research team found that women who used cannabis before sex were over twice as likely to experience satisfactory orgasms than if they didn’t use the substance.
In September 2019, Lynn et al. published a study in Sexual Medicine Reviews. In it, the team found that microdosing weed potentially improves sex drive in females. Research remains in its infancy, but all signs point towards cannabis having a positive impact in the bedroom.
1 – Sour Diesel (The Marijuana Strain That Can Lead to Frenzied Sex)

There are few marijuana strains capable of helping you go wild more than this sativa-dominant (70%) hybrid. With a THC content of up to 22%, Sour Diesel is a powerful beast. So much so, that if you’re not used to its potent effects, you could end up with a feeling of anxiety. It has a strong ‘fuel’ scent, and its nickname is ‘Sour D.’
This strain was created in California in the 1990s and is probably a cross of Chemdawg and Super Skunk. However, its exact background is unknown, and this air of mystery only adds to the strain’s considerable allure. Sour Diesel also provides the ideal ‘upper,’ as it hits you with profound cerebral experience and virtually no couch lock.

You should feel a rush of energy within minutes of smoking Sour Diesel, which, as you could imagine, makes it ideal in the moments leading up to the “big event.” After taking a few hits, you’ll probably want to dispense with foreplay and go at it like rabbits. Best of all, though, the effects of Sour Diesel can last up to five hours, a sure-fire way to enhance your reputation as a stud!
2 – Harlequin (The Morning Glory Marijuana Strain)

Usually, this sativa-dominant (75%) hybrid is associated with getting a boost of energy after you wake up. However, an increasing number of couples are using Harlequin as their secret weapon for morning nookie, as it is an unusual strain that contains high levels of both CBD and THC. As a result, you’ll feel good, but the CBD will keep the psychedelic effects in check.
Also, if you need a helping hand while your other half is demanding an early morning present, Harlequin is a perfect choice. It is a descendant of a Nepali indica, Thai and Swiss sativas, and Colombian Gold, and this eclectic mix provides users with a sensation that best described as ‘phenomenal.’

Moreover, you will feel uplifted after using Harlequin, and within minutes, you’ll be full of energy and ready to rumble. By the time you’re finished, you’ll wonder why you ever relied on coffee to get you started in the morning. The effects can last for hours on end, and both you and your partner will have smiles on your faces for the entire morning and long into the afternoon.
3 – Dream Queen (The Marijuana Strain That Gives You Stamina)

This sativa-dominant (70%) strain is a cross of Space Queen and Blue Dream, which presumably made it easy for the breeders to conjure a name! With a THC content ranging from 13% to 22%, Dream Queen is not cannabis you take lightly. Users suggest it enhances your stamina, which comes in extremely handy in the bedroom.
When you take a few hits of Dream Queen, expect the high to hit you quickly. A potent cerebral high gives you a spaced out feeling for a few minutes. However, the next aspect of the experience is an increase in focus and, crucially, a heightened emphasis on whatever sensation you are feeling.

Aside from its ability to improve the overall sexual experience, Dream Queen is a favorite amongst users looking to tackle insomnia. Proponents of this strain also claim it boosts their level of creative thinking. However, we advise you to make the most of the initial buzz because when the high wears down, a feeling of relaxation takes hold.
Final Thoughts on Marijuana and Great Sex

If you’re genuinely interested in using marijuana to enhance your sex life, we recommend shopping as a couple and experimenting with multiple strains. The right indica strain can result in sensory ecstasy, and this kind of herb works well with the body’s senses. Sativa strains are the best option if you want a burst of energy and are yearning to experience sex differently.

No matter which strain you choose, make sure you take no more than two or three hits (two in the case of very potent weed), or else the high will overwhelm you and hurt your performance. And finally, be sure to write down some notes about each strain you use to develop an understanding of the weed that works (and what doesn’t), and also the best times of day to use them.
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