Push Button Vaporizer (ask for color options)

We got it right! No burnt taste. Big draws. Long life.

It’s easy to operate, just fast click the button 5 times, that turns it on and off. After that just hold the button while you take up to an 10 second draw. For those of you that like to know the numbers, it runs at 3.7 volts & has a capacity of 350 mAH. It’s also available in 2 colors to fit your style preference.

While this vape battery works with all 510 thread cartridges, the steel button-activated pen works best with any of our wicked glass vape cartridges, our wickless ceramic cartridges or our vari-flow ceramic cell carts. *Glass Cartridges not included. We don’t recommend using this battery with any of the old style poly carbonate or plastic cartridges simply because of the fact that this battery is a bit more powerful then our buttonless vape pen and could get your oil, or those wicks too hot.
It comes with the specially designed usb charger for this battery with every order as well. When charging it lights red and green when charged.

While the pen uses a 510 thread, this charger is specially made to charge a stronger lithium ion battery and has a design that will work specifically with this battery.
This is the pen for you if you are looking for two things, a stronger draw and a looong life span. One charge will last you up to weeks of frequent use and big draws. However, don’t worry about the nasty burnt taste that you get with a battery that is too strong, just use our glass cartridges!

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