Viterra Nanotized Organic Full Spectrum Extract CBD Balm

Storm Extracts

The modern cannabis industry can offer many CBD products. You can buy isolates and oils, but what if you need an alternative way? Then you need to buy CBD balm Canada. Balms and creams are an excellent alternative to other CBD products. It is mainly due to the method of application. By applying balm to the skin, you stimulate healing processes and restore skin integument. The healing properties of the product:
  • treatment of eczema and inflammatory processes;
  • effective against bacterial and skin infections;
  • regenerates the skin on the body and reduces pain;
  • the Full Spectrum CBD balm helps with arthritis, cramps, and muscle pain.
Nanotizing allows you to achieve up to 95% absorption in the bloodstream. Also, this product is three times more effective than standard CBD products. The manufacturing process reduces THC to less than 0.22%. Thanks to the production based on natural components, you get a therapeutic effect. Also, it is 100% vegan. Due to the creamy form, you can choose your dosage and apply a certain amount of cream to the skin.

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Subcategory: Isolates

Weight: 1 g